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An important achievement for Ansaldo Energia

Ansaldo Energia in recent days has been awarded of the ISO 50001 Certification, which recognizes the energy efficiency of the main production sites and connected production plants.

With the adoption of ISO 50001, the General Services and Production installations, already particularly performing in terms of energy efficiencyare aiming for excellence in terms of energy saving and reuse, both in electrical and thermal terms.

Energy efficiency is a strategic priority of the European Union in the energy sector, which is why energy efficiency ("energy efficiency first") is considered as a priority at the continental level. Among the tools available to companies to reach this important goal is the aforementioned ISO 50001 Certification, i.e. the implementation of an Energy Management System (EMS) whose purpose is to allow an organization, through a systematic approach, the continuous improvement of its energy performance: Ansaldo Energia achieved this goal precisely by virtue of its ability to manage resources efficiently and sustainably, from the procurement phase to production activity, also including the preventive maintenance of the plants themselves.

The ISO50001 Certification is part of the European action to fight climate change: the reduction of energy consumption and energy losses, in fact, are more and more important for the European Union. In 2007, EU leaders set a target of reducing the EU's annual energy consumption by 20% within 2020. In 2018, as part of the 'Clean energy for all Europeans' scheme, a new target was set to reduce energy consumption by at least 32.5% within 2030. In this context, energy efficiency measures are increasingly recognized as a tool not only to achieve a sustainable energy supply, reduce greenhouse emissions, improve security of supply and reduce import costs, but also to promote the competitiveness of the Union.

The future political framework after 2030 is currently under discussion, Ansaldo Energia is ready to play its part, backed by a technological know-how and innovation that make the Italian company one of the main leaders in the field at a global level. ENEA (National Agency for Energy Efficiency) has certified that a well implemented EMS allows companies to measure their energy performance, triggering at the same time process innovation for products and services

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