Ansaldo Energia News: successful ignition of its first gas turbine in Germany

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First firing and first synchronization for the Irsching 6 plant in Bavaria

The tests that will lead to the Irsching unit 6 connection to the German electricity grid have been achieved with positive results. On May 4, in fact, the first synchronization took place successfully, an operation which marks the effective compatibility of the plant with the 380 kV grid in Germany, allowing effective dispatching.
The success of the connection to the grid follows by a few days another important milestone, the First Firing of the gas turbine, i.e. the "first flame" in the combustion chamber: a crucial moment for the operation of the gas turbine and for the control of the systems auxiliaries and the first of a series of events that will lead to the commissioning of the whole plant.
Ansaldo Energia is the EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement and Construction, turnkey supply) for the Irsching 6 open-cycle thermoelectric
plant, equipped with an AE94.3A gas turbine and relative generator, for a total power of 300 MW.
With over 4 million equivalent operating hours accumulated worldwide, Ansaldo Energia AE94.3As are a reliable product capable of offering great operational flexibility.
Owned by the customer Uniper, the plant is part of the German TSO project "besonderes netztechnisches Betriebsmittel - bnBm" (grid reserve project) and aims to ensure a reliable supply of electricity, as part of the country's transition strategy, which requires ever-growing support for the stability of the grid, envisaging an increasingly massive use of renewable energies.
It is the first time that Ansaldo Energia has installed and put into service its own gas turbine in Germany, a success which will be followed by the commissioning of the second project Ansaldo Energia is working on: the Marbach open-cycle power plant.


Photo: Irsching Power Plant, owned by Uniper

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