CO2 battery licensed by Energy Dome 

The CO2 battery licensed by Energy Dome  is a long-duration and large-scale energy storage plant which, using CO2 as a working fluid, manages in a closed loop the transition between gaseous and liquid state. In this way, it allows efficient and economical energy storage based on well-tested catalog products.
The CO2 battery is an innovative solution based on a process patented by Energy Dome™ and licensed to Ansaldo Energia and Ansaldo Green Tech.
How does a CO2 battery work? The system absorbs power when in charge mode and returns it to the grid when in discharge mode, thus stabilizing the electricity grid in the presence of significant quantities of renewable sources. This simple concept can be applied to achieve a large capacity
CO2-based energy storage is a valid alternative to electrochemical batteries: no degradation of capacity or performance over time and cycles, and no waste disposal problems.
CO2 batteries licensed by Energy Dome are customizable and scalable both in terms of energy and power, and can be integrated with other energy sources (either conventional or renewable) in Energy Transition Combined Cycle plants licensed by Energy Dome. 
CO2 batteries and ETCC plants licensed by Energy Dome - are next-generation solutions for the transition which offer high flexibility and availability. 

Modular components allow Ansaldo Energia to build the most suitable CO2 battery for any specific project. 
Charging power (MW consumed during compression), discharging power (MW produced during expansion) and storage capacity (storage duration) can be configured independently within a range of standardized solutions.
Based on customer requirements and the characteristics of the site, Ansaldo Energia designs and installs the complete system, and produces the best part of the core components internally – including CO2 turbines


In a CO2 battery, licensed by Energy Dome, CO2 is the working fluid in a closed thermodynamic cycle, and is never released into the atmosphere. It is drawn from an atmospheric gasholder (the Dome), compressed and stored under pressure at ambient temperature in liquid CO2 vessels. The heat generated from the compression is recovered into two Thermal Energy Storage systems. To release energy, CO2 is evaporated and expanded into a CO2 turbine, and then returned back to the atmospheric tank, ready for the next charging cycle. The process involves only two thermodynamic transformations: compression and expansion. This reduces the overall losses and allows for 75% round trip efficiency
Reduced design pressures and temperatures further simplify the system and improve economic viability, enabling the CO2 battery to operate for 25 years without any reductions in efficiency or capacity.

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