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Instrumentation&Control (I&C), Automation and
Design and supply of automation systems for BOP.
Design, supply and installation of monitoring systems
for Diesel GeneratingStations.
Integrated Monitoring systems dealing with radiation,
nuclear safety, structural and seismic real time
Post Fukushima Beyond Design Basis Events
Assessments toevaluateNPPscapabilities towithstand
scenarios which are out of design requirements,
covering - as initiating events - seismic excitation,
tsunami, severemeteorological conditions.
MobileEmergency cooling system.
• EUREXSaluggia
(Sogin, Italy): EmergencyDefueling
of theSaluggia Fuel Pool (Design and supply of
special components and tools for the safe removal
of radioactivematerial).
• TianwanNPP -Units1&2
“OJSC”, China) - Refurbishment andoptimization
of theControl SystemSets of the FHMs.
• IntegratedAutomaticMonitoringSystem
(Chernobyl, Ukraine) – Integrated structural, seismic,
radiation and criticalitymonitoring control system for
the sarcophagus.
• TreatmentOfBacklogOfRadioactiveWasteWater
(KhmelnitskyNPP, Ukraine) - Design, supply,
installation, testing and commissioningof electrical,
instrumentation& control equipment and radiation
Fuel HandlingEquipment andTools
Customized development of Fuel Handling Machines
(FHM) and Control Systems, including the design of
controllingarchitecture (safetymonitoringandoperating
functions) of the driving and actuation system.
• EmbalseNPP
(NA-SA, Argentina) -Diesel Generator
(DG) sets andassociatedauxiliaries (e.g., cooling
system, lubricationoil, DG stationcontrol boards)
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