Shaft Line service offers solutions for steam turbines and generators

Ansaldo Energia offers a full array of high technology service solutions on steam turbines, turbogenerators and hydrogenerators

Shaft Line service offers solutions for steam turbines and generator

Ansaldo Energia leverages decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and operating steam turbines, turbogenerators and hydrogenerators.  Merging a flexible and swift approach with highly specialized competencies over different technologies, Ansaldo Energia reliably offers:

  • Upgrades & Repowering Solutions
  • On Site Repair & Machining
  • Maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • LTSA
  • Parts

We are able to provide the vast of majority of repairs and field activities at the Client's site and  can perform all necessary repairs and/or improvements in its Genoa, Italy workshop.

We have a portfolio of solutions to convert simple cycle systems to combined cycle systems. Plants are also able to recover and improve steam turbine efficiency and availability\reliability by replacing turbine inner parts (rotor or inner block) or whole sections matching with the original plant layout.

Machining, such as rotor journals lathing, including metal spray to recreate original diameters, welding repair coupling holes are possible thanks to fully skilled technicians and  a wide set of portable equipment.

Ansaldo Energia's Service division has the capability to realize large in-situ repair including steam turbine rotor disk replacement (on shrunk-on rotor configuration) and steam turbine rotor straightening. Complete welding rebuild of rotor steeples can also be performed in our workshop in Genoa, Italy.

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