Global Repair Network

Solutions for power plant maintenance

Global Repair Network

In today's highly competitive energy market, power producers need to achieve peak performance while minimizing life cycle costs.   Ansaldo Energia can help with a full spectrum of repair services — all backed by our engineering and advanced technology. These state-of-the-art repair services can extend the life of your components and optimize your maintenance budget.

From our headquarters in Genoa, Italy, and with local execution centres in China, Europe, the Middle East, and the US, we offer expertise at all levels of complexity for our own and third party machinery, for heavy-duty gas and steam turbines and generators. In our state of the art Global Repair Network, design engineers work hand in hand with process specialists to assess engine run components from across our product portfolio. Our combined OEM and OSP™ portfolio enables us to establish a unique perspective that drives innovation and value for all customers – worldwide. 

Our local presence ensures your Gas Turbine Component, Rotor and complete Shaftline repair and reconditioning needs are met quickly and effectively by staff that understands your market. 

  • Ansaldo Energia - Manufacturing and Repair Workshop E/F-Class (HGP Repair in development)
  • Ansaldo Thomassen - Holland Manufacturing and Repair Workshop B/E-Class
  • Power Systems Mfg., LLC - B/E/F-Class Manufacturing and Repair Workshop Jupiter, Florida/US
  • Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf - Repair Workshop B/E-Class (F-Class in development)
  • Ansaldo Gas Turbine High Technology - Manufacturing and Repair Workshop (In development)