GT26: Performance, flexibility, reliability at your Service

GT26 distinguishes itself in the power generation industry with advanced and flexible technology solutions that optimize performance and profitability.

GT26: Performance, flexibility, reliability at your Service

With more than 100 units installed worldwide, the unique technology solutions that GT26 brings to the power generation industry have established a benchmark of performance .

Welded rotors have proven their robustness over the years, with inspections being the only requirement for running units safely and avoiding rotor de-stacking, maximizing plants' availability.

The intercooling of the gas turbine has guaranteed high levels of efficiency over extremely broad operating ranges, ensuring profitability and limited operating cost at every load.

The sequential combustion technology of the gas turbine has turned all requirements of extreme power plant flexibility into reality.

Ansaldo Energia today leverages the intrinsically flexible GT26 architecture and offers the most advanced solutions available in the market to enhance the capabilities of the installed fleet and stay competitive in different and demanding markets.

Safety, performance, availability and reduced maintenance costs are at the heart of Ansaldo Energia's offerings and represent key aspects for any routine activity and in the definition of  future platform development.

All solutions are tailored to the specific plant boundaries and reflect the unique needs of each customer. Among the key ones, which provide the greatest benefit to operators, Ansaldo Energia offers the opportunity to increase the GT26 power output by 15MW and to extend the fully emission-compliant and frequency response-compliant operating range down to 25% Combined Cycle load. Parking mode at 15% CC-load or fast start-up are other examples of Ansaldo Energia's offering and can be fully embedded into plant applications.

The extended capabilities that Ansaldo Energia has developed over time on key equipment like generators and steam turbines ensures that the implementation of any product is thoroughly evaluated and all safety, process, performance, optimization and cost aspects are kept in mind during the planning, execution and operation phases.

Gas Turbine Model Upgrade Packages CATEGORIES
Performance Maximization Operation Optimization Maintenance Optimization Emissions Reduction
GT26 XL for GT26
MXL2 for GT26
GT26 Pulsation Supervision System
Low part Load
GT26 Optimized Plant Shutdown
GT26 Compact Pulsation
GT26 Combustion AutoTune System
GT26 OTC Compact Flange