A comprehensive line of proven solutions for the 7F gas turbine that enhances performance and extends lifetimes.


Ansaldo Energia  offers a comprehensive 7FA.03 product line through its subsidiary company, PSM expanded from the flagship turbine offering to include robust and proven solutions that utilize reliability enhanced, in-kind replacement combustion and compressor hardware.

We supply  7FA GT performance upgrade packages that deliver performance enhancements and extended lifetimes: a capability enabled by a staff of 100+ R&D engineers focused on continuously pursuing innovations for the installed F-Class power base, to maintain the relevancy of these assets.

Ansaldo Energia  is dedicated to improving  current offerings and expanding into new products. Combining technical expertise, speed to market, flexible solutions, innovative tools and multiple OEM cross-platform experience, we are the industry-leading 7F alternative products and services supplier. We continue to focus on the timely market introduction of our own targeted, high quality design solutions for emerging 7F fleet issues.  We bring these advantages to customers who want reduced life cycle costs through better durability and reliability, while realizing gains in efficiency and performance.

Design Improvements

Independent Technical & Manufacturing Capability to Address Product Issues

  • R&D engineering co-located with our PSM repair workshop in Florida;
  • Design engineers collect continuous feedback on the performance of the group fleet as well as competitor designs and proactively address emerging fleet issues

Sole Source for Aftermarket 7F GT Performance Upgrades

  • Providing proven compressor solutions for more than a decade
  • 1st to Market with a Proven Compressor Blade R0 Reliability Solution
  • Enhanced stator reliability design features for S0 thru EGV product offering

Hot gas path components utilizing advanced materials, coatings, cooling schemes, and design features to maximize durability and reliability.  

Our designs can align combustion and hot gas path inspections and reduce repair scopes, providing customers with reduced lifecycle costs.


Frame 7F Catalog 

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Frame 7F GTOP
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