Frame 6B

Frame 6 heavy-duty gas turbine Service and Product Offerings provide improved durability and lower life cycle costs.

Frame 6B

Ansaldo Energia’s Multi-OEM Gas Turbine team offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for the Frame 6B/6001B heavy-duty gas turbine.  We can supply hot gas path buckets, nozzles & shrouds and compressor hardware.   Improved durability and lower life cycle cost is achieved using our component and system level product modeling and data evaluation tools, to identify the issues and failure modes in current OEM designs.

Parts, Repairs and Field Services
  • We offer a complete range of capital parts and consumable parts including our own manufactured first, second and third stage buckets, nozzles and shroud blocks. Advanced materials, coatings and cooling schemes maximize the durability and reliability of the parts.
  • We provide all scheduled and unscheduled inspections and overhauls, gas turbine relocation, installation and commissioning.
  • We can refurbish gas turbine components and assess and extend the lifetime of Frame 6B/6001B gas turbine rotors.

Conversions, Modifications and Upgrades
  • We are focused on maximizing the performance of your gas turbine by increasing power output, improving heat rate and reducing emissions with our own solutions including  Thomassen Dry Low NOx system and the PSM LECIII® system. Simply by installing one of these systems to replace conventional combustion in a Frame 6B/6001B gas turbine makes a major impact on CO and NOx levels in the environment.
  • We can globally source Frame 6B/6001B gas turbines to remanufacture, upgrade and relocate the unit to the customers’ requirements.
  • We are able to extend the lifetime of gas turbine rotors and components and maximize availability by increasing maintenance intervals to 32000 factored  fired hours.
  • We offer solutions for fuel flexibility, remote monitoring and diagnostics, control systems and other engineering solutions.

All of the above mentioned capabilities can be included in a Flexible Service Agreement to meet all of your needs.

Frame 6B Catalog

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