Steam Turbine Retrofit

Solutions to optimize your power plant assets by improving power availability and reducing operating costs

Steam Turbine Retrofit

Energy market deregulation, power trading, newly introduced environmental emission standards and the ageing of generating fleets, are pushing steam-turbine power plant owners to look for solutions to optimize their existing assets by improving generation availability and reducing operating costs.

Steam turbines' availability naturally decreases as they age. Problems affecting major components tend to occur with increased frequency, and often require time-consuming repair and/or replacement activities in order to be solved.

Old turbine technology may not be able to match continuously changing fast-paced market requirements.

The high operating costs of old-generation power plants pose yet another challenge to plant owners.

Modernization of their facilities or repowering through conversion into combined cycles will achieve a substantial improvement of efficiency, thus also enabling cost cutting. Steam turbine retrofits provide an attractive option in that they help Customers accomplish both goals.

Ansaldo Energia Steam Turbine solutions cover non-reheat and reheat cycles, in back pressure or condensing configuration, for a wide range of applications:

• Thermal Fossil-fired Steam Cycle Power Plants

• Combined Cycle Power Plants

• Cogeneration Heat and Power Plants

• Solar Power Plants

• Geothermal Cycle Power Plants


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Steam Turbine Retrofit