A unique answer to many needs and challenges of the current energy landscape

Geothermal Retrofit

Geothermal power plants provide a unique answer to many of the needs and challenges of the current energy landscape. Far better than other types of power plant in meeting the base load energy demand, they are fuelled by a locally available flow of resources. Far less dependent on supply conditions than other power generation technologies, geothermal facilities enjoy all the benefits of running on freely available fuel.

However, by their own unique nature, geothermal plants are also very location specific. Geothermal fluids can display very aggressive chemical properties, creating a heavy-strain working environment for turbines that severely affects their components and leads to fast ageing.

Consequently, the retrofit of components with newly designed ones becomes more interesting to plant owners compared to carrying out service activities or building a new plant.

Ansaldo Energia can design tailor-made turbine retrofits according to Customers' specifications with a minimum impact on the existing BOP equipment and civil works.

Our geothermal retrofits also provide an opportunity to increase unit efficiency thus responding to changes that may occur throughout the geothermal basin's utilization timespan, improve operational reliability by replacing obsolete protection/control systems with modern ones, and extend plant life by installing new equipment to substitute worn out components.

Ansaldo Energia's retrofits are proven to solve geothermal plant issues even in very complex scenarios such as forced outages caused by severely damaged components or design-related issues arising after the warranty period has expired.


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Geothermal Retrofit