Gas Turbine Replacement

A bridge to the Energy of the Future

Gas Turbine Replacement

Gas turbine replacement is the right fit for investors needing to implement an ad-hoc solution to cut energy costs and curb emissions at their facilities with minimum impact on the rest of the existing assets.

Also, turbine replacements can help overcome the limitations of repairs or other remedial measures carried out on an as-needed basis, by enabling an all-round system improvement and helping keep the remaining existing equipment in good working order.

Turbine replacement entails lower investment costs; on top of other advantages, they can facilitate access to finance for your plant improvement program, offering a higher return on investment as compared to other available options.

Our gas turbine replacement programs are based on a feasibility study developed by Ansaldo Energia as gas turbine manufacturer in cooperation with the Customer. Through an in-depth and complete preparatory phase, we identify the solution that fits best with the existing plant's features, the plant operator's requirements and the specific installation setting.

Retaining the main equipment foundations already in place and partially reusing existing components, thus saving time and cutting costs, is not the only reason why our turbine replacement projects stand out as an advantageous option.

Cost-effectiveness and quick implementation are also matched with a reduced impact on normal plant operation and space allocation.


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Gas Turbine Replacement