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Add steam turbines to convert your gas turbine based open cycle into a high performance combined cycle power plant

Add On

With power systems still relying to a large extent on conventional power generation for stability, reliability, and security of supply, gas-fired power plants are likely to come under increasing pressure to guarantee the system's balance, and to do it flexibly and efficiently.

Combined cycle power plants are in demand worldwide. Our Add on solutions are designed to give simple cycle plant owners the opportunity to reap the benefits of combined cycle technology in a number of areas:

Efficiency, power and environmental impact. Combined cycle plants offer nearly 50% more power for approximately the same fuel costs and can reach impressive efficiency rates of 60% and more. Moreover, non-renewables in the energy mix are just as important as renewables to achieve emission reduction goals: switching from simple to combined cycle means significantly reducing the plant's environmental impact.

Operation. Today's combined cycle technology is more flexible as compared to the past: the startup time can be reduced down to 30 minutes (hot conditions), slightly more than the 15 minutes needed to start an open cycle power plant. Computer-controlled plant start-up and shut-down sequences, plant coordinated control systems, etc. allow for fully automated plant management and guarantee maximum performance. Moreover, the steam supplied by the boiler can also be used to feed other applications (e.g. district heating, industrial applications and so on).

Financing & Business. In the past, conversion of an existing simple cycle power plant to a combined cycle power plant usually made economic sense only with a change from peaking to a base-load or load-following operation mode. On the contrary, today's combined cycle power plants feature unprecedented flexibility, which can help secure the financing necessary to support conversion from simple to a combined cycle.

We manufacture, install and commission steam turbines from 40 up to 1,000 MW as add ons for any type of simple cycle power plant that works with this range. They can be used in combination with gas turbines from any gas turbine producer.

The resulting combined cycle power plant is designed in cooperation with the Customer, tailored to its needs, and in different configurations: 1+1 unit or multiple configurations such as 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 3+2, etc.

Ansaldo Energia's offering can encompass different scopes of work: from equipment to BOP, up to condenser and HRSG supply, including installation and commissioning.


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