Plant Operation Assistance

We provide a range of nuclear power plant modifications and plant life extension services to improve performance, reliability and safety

Plant Operation Assistance

​​Ansaldo Nuclear provides a wide range of operational assistance to nuclear power plants, aimed at improving the performance, reliability and safety of the plant. Our experience on different plants design provides knowledge and capability to offer engineering services as well as engineering solutions to our clients to improve reliability and safety of their operating nuclear power plants. 

We offer refurbishment and modification services to extend the life of the nuclear plant as well as specific plant safety upgrades services to cope with post Fukushima requirements.

PLEX, Plant Uprate and Modernization

​Engineering activities addressing walk down inspections and engineering assessment to assure and validate PLEX to Customer requirements. Realization of the plant refurbishing and modifications to restore the plant operation conditions and to obtain a higher efficiency and better performance.

In the frame of the plant life extension, the repowering of the plant is normally associated with the improving of the thermal cycle efficiency. Typical upgrades include the adoption of moisture separators/reheaters with two reheater stages and the installation of new high pressure pre-heater.

We have been involved in this kind of projects for Embalse NPP (Argentina).

Our involvement included the design phase to optimise the thermal cycle parameters and the related pieces of equipment, the procurement of the new equipment, the installation and commissioning of them.

Post Fukushima & Safety Upgrades

​We can effectively address post-Fukushima requirements and area hazards (e.g., Flooding, Earthquake, Fire, Aircraft Crash Events) for any specific plant design. 

Plant safety upgrade services, provided by us, can range from safety evaluations to the design, procurement and installation of  specific engineered safety features (e.g.  Pond Water Package Cooler for UK NPPs).

Our  plant safety upgrade experience  comprises also engineering solutions for Cernavoda NPP (e.g. Condenser Cooling System Upgrade) and for Chernobyl NPP (e.g. Monitoring system for the plant sarcophagus) and Post-Fukushima specific skids for Emergency Spent Fuel Ponds Cooling and Reactor Re-Pressurization for UK AGR fleet.

Our approach to Post Fukushima Stress Test Programs is to establish a  technical team composed by experts in different disciplines including among the others Licensing, Process Systems, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation, Layout, Civil Structural and mechanical engineering.  The team, after reviewing the plant licensing design basis is called to identify the SSC performing safety functions, analyse protection measures and finally propose  the modifications for improvements as resulting from the identification of the weak points and cliff edge effects.

Following the above approach we performed the "Stress Tests" evaluation  for Cernavoda Units 1&2 NPPs (Romania).  The aim of the program was to check the ability of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant to withstand damage from area hazards such as earthquakes, flooding and fire and define possible improvements where needed.








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