AE-T100 Natural Gas Micro Turbine

The natural gas version of AE-T100

AE-T100 Natural Gas Micro Turbine

 ​That Micro Turbine represents the standard micro turbine product and it is used in most of current installations in Industrial Application (food industries, chemical & petrolchemical, plants etc.) and Civil Application (hospitals, swimming pools, hotels).

The low maintenance requirements of the AE-T100, with service intervals of 6,000 operating hours, makes this power generation system extremely attractive and competitive when compared to more conventional solutions.

Each AE-T100 configuration can be delivered in specific layouts for indoor or outdoor installation. Both layouts meet current regulations limits for noise and emissions.

All AE-T100 can be remotely monitored, controlled and operated.

                                  AE-T100NG CHP outdoor                                                                Power Train 3D representation                            ​                                      Power Train Running Principles

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