AE-T100 Biogas Micro Turbine

The biogas version of AE-T100

AE-T100 Biogas Micro Turbine

​ ​​​Biogas is today a proven and valuable energy source for the combined production of heat and electricity at attractive conditions.

One of the most efficient and reliable technologies for the combined production of heat and electricity is represented by micro turbines, that show a very flexible behavior towards variations of biogas composition, and they also bear significant heating value variations over time.

Main application field is represented by wastewater treatment plant (e.g.: sewage, industrial wastewater, agricoltural wastewater, leachate, etc.). Other application fields are: anaerobic digestion in general and landfills.

Based on a consistent experience from several applications in various fields, such as:

• sewage biogas,

• anaerobic digestion biogas,

• landfill gas.

Ansaldo Energia is able to offer custom applications adapting the AE-T100 and related fuel system to specific biogas characteristics.

The low maintenance requirements of the AE-T100B, with service intervals of 6,000 operating hours, makes this power generation system extremely attractive and competitive when compared to more conventional solutions.

Each AE-T100B configuration can be delivered in specific layouts for indoor or outdoor installation. Both layouts meet current regulations limits for noise and emissions.

All AE-T100 can be remotely monitored, controlled and operated.

                AE -T100B  CHP  outdoor                                                                               Power Train- 3D Representation​​ Power                                                 ​    Power Train Running Principles 

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