An integrated model embracing turnkey power plant construction, power equipment manufacturing, power plant rehabilitation, service work and nuclear activities.


Ansaldo Energia Group is a full-cycle, integrated operator, with the capabilities to build turnkey power plants on green field sites using its own technologies and its own independent design, production, construction, commissioning and service resources.

New Units

Ansaldo Energia new units business entails the supply of power generation solutions to satisfy the needs of all customers, ranging from the delivery of single rotating machines (selected from our comprehensive portfolio of advanced, high performance and proven gas turbines, steam turbines and generators) to fully equipped powertrains (gas turbine, steam turbine, generator and related auxiliaries), and from power islands up to complete power plants on a turnkey basis, based on our power plant capabilities which include project management, design, procurement and commissioning for the complete power plant.

Finally, our group operates in the distributed generation industry with micro turbines, targeting high efficiency cogeneration (CHP) and trigeneration (CCHP) plants in the small to medium power range with low maintenance requirements.

Power Plant Rehabilitation

Recognising that our Customers need to maximize their power plant performance at the lowest possible cost, Ansaldo Energia offers programs to restore existing equipment to a like-new state and/or upgrade it to the latest technology.

Ansaldo Energia, with its extensive experience as EPC contractor, tailors revamping, retrofit, replacement, repowering and add on programs to meet Customer requirements while minimizing plant downtime and scheduling phased projects.

Power output, energy efficiency, asset security (e.g. cyber security), environment, health and safety are just a sample of the many factors that drive the need for an organization to make changes to their infrastructure.


 Wanting to be fully supportive of our Customer’s needs, Ansaldo Energia was determined to build additional and complimentary service capabilities leveraging its long history and experience in the Power Generation Industry. Through a strategic acquisition of assets, this vision has been realized. Today, Ansaldo Energia is uniquely capable and positioned to provide high technology services on any of our Customer’s OEM generation equipment. 

This multi-platform full scope approach allow us to be a strategic, competitive and proven choice for our customer’s service needs. In addition Ansaldo Energia continues to offer a full array of high technology service solutions on its own fleet of gas turbines, steam turbines turbogenerators and hydrogenerators. This fleet now includes the latest ratings of the GT26 gas turbine and the new GT36 gas turbine. 


Ansaldo Nucleare, along jointly with UK-based subsidiary Ansaldo NES, represents the nuclear arm of Ansaldo Energia Group.

We have substantial technical knowledge and expertise to participate in the evolution of the nuclear markets. Our objective is to pursue growth opportunities in the three strategic segments of New Build, Decommissioning of nuclear installations with consequent treatment of radioactive waste, and servicing of operational nuclear plants.

The overall workforce in the nuclear field counts for more than 600 employees and blue collars, located in Genova (Italy), Wolverhampton, Risley and Beckermet (UK). We have local branches in Romania, Slovakia, Argentina and France, as well as a representative office in Russia.

Hydrogen Technology

In today's dynamic and fast changing power generation market, gas turbine power plant operators are demanding solutions for their newly installed and existing assets to provide unprecedented and 'future-proof' operational flexibility in order to optimize their ability to profit from changing regulatory & fuel-switching driven paradigms.

With subsidies and regulatory mandates driving the introduction of massive levels of renewable power generation into the marketplace and stressing the grid network, gas turbine power plants are being thrust into the additional role of following and backing up renewable's inherently volatile generation profile. Even with the introduction of carbon dioxide (CO2)-free wind and solar power, the European Union and other global regulatory authorities are looking to incentivize continued CO2 reductions from the power generation industry.  





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