Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf

Pioneer in high tech refurbishments in the Middle East.  The first facility to offer complete Blades & Vanes repairs in the Region.

Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf (ATG)

Together with our parent company Ansaldo Energia and our sister companies PSM and Ansaldo Thomassen, Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf is part of the Original Service Provider (OSP™) team. Combining the engineering capacity from our OEM background with the open-mindedness of an independent service provider we are the leading aftermarket service provider for multi-platform OEM gas turbine power plants worldwide.

Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf is a leading high-tech Centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offering the latest, state-of-art technologies for stripping, welding, brazing, machining, heat treatments, cleaning facilities, overlay coatings and laboratory activities for Gas Turbine Buckets, Vanes, Nozzles, Transition Pieces, Shrouds, Combustion Liners and other Hot Gas Path components.

Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf also provides Field Services and Gas Turbine Spare Parts at competitive prices, creating a valid alternative for the local GCC and Middle East Users.

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Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf L.L.C.
Gas Turbine Industrial Workshop - ICA D III Abu Dhabi - U.A.E.
Tel. +971 26 270954 - Fax. +971 26 262066

Cap. Soc. € 180.000.000 I.V. C.F e Reg. Imp. di Genova n 00734630155 REA della C.C.I.A.A. Genova 320959
P.IVA 03279700102

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