The Italian Nuclear Company

Ansaldo Nucleare is a “One Stop Company” fully dedicated to the Nuclear Industry and to the Sustainability of the Nuclear Option.  Safety, Quality and Environment are the Values driving our business.

Ansaldo Nucleare

In more than 50 years of experience, Ansaldo Nucleare has developed technical knowledge and expertise that makes the company a reliable industry partner in the nuclear markets.

The experience derived from the design and construction of different nuclear power plants including BWR (e.g. Caorso NPP), PWR (e.g., PUN Plant), CANDU (e.g., Cernavoda Units 1 and 2), FBR (e.g., Superphenix), Passive Safety NPPs (e.g., AP1000) and Fusion Reactors (e.g., ITER) has built up in our company unique competencies, problem solving capabilities and flexibility.

Disciplines covered by our engineers include licensing and safety analyses, shielding and radiation, process systems design, EI&C, nuclear component design, civil structural analysis and integrated layout.  This makes Ansaldo Nucleare a "One  Stop Company" that can provide fully integrated solution to Customer needs.

The company pursues growth opportunities in the three strategic segments of New Build, Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations and Radioactive Waste Treatment and Services to Operational Nuclear Plants.

Ansaldo Nucleare, together with Ansaldo Nuclear (a UK-based fully owned engineering and construction company), represent the nuclear arm of Ansaldo Energia Group. With more than 600 employees operating in Italy and the UK, fully dedicated to the nuclear market.

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AnsaldoNew Clear

The Consorzio Stabile AnsaldoNew Clear was established in 2012 with the participation of several companies, inside our group, in order to strengthen their capacity to play a key role mainly for the Italian nuclear market. The consortium members are: Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A. with 70% share, Ansaldo Energia S.p.A. with 20% share and Fata S.p.A. (now no longer part of the group) with 10% share.

The Consortium aims to establish a common structure with the mission to provide and manage services, supplies and works in the context of the following fields:

  1. dismantling of nuclear power stations and plants pertaining to the fuel cycle (decommissioning);
  2. realization of plants for the treatment and conditioning of radioactive wastes (waste management), or other projects resulting from decommissioning activities or from operation of nuclear installations;
  3. realization of temporary and/or final storage facilities for conditioned and/or un-conditioned radioactive wastes;
  4. environmental protection in general, where the experience and the level of quality achieved in the nuclear field can be applied. 


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