Ansaldo Energia wins the tender for the supply of a new gas turbine in Servola

for Arvedi Group

Ansaldo Energia wins the tender for the supply of a new gas turbine   to the Arvedi Group in Servola (Trieste, Italy) 

Ansaldo Energia has been awarded from Gruppo Arvedi a contract for the supply and refurbishment of the new combined cycle plant in Servola. Such plant includes an AE64.3A gas turbine, equipped with the latest generation technologies already validated to guarantee high efficiency, operational flexibility and low emissions. 
The supply includes the Ansaldo Energia Plant Optimizer management system. The plant, in combined-cycle configuration with a power of 120 MW, will be operational by the end of 2021. 
Customer of the supply is Gruppo Arvedi, one of the most significant European steel companies, featuring a consolidated turnover of 2.9 B € in 2019 and 3,600 employees. 
With this investment, the Arvedi Group enters the Italian Capacity Market for electricity supply, whose implementation decree was approved by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development in June 2019. The Capacity Market, in line with the situation in other European countries, aims to ensure the adequacy and safety of the national electricity system in the presence of a strong renewable component - non-dispatchable by its very nature - by encouraging investments in efficient, low-polluting and flexible plants.  
The solution proposed by Ansaldo Energia and chosen by the customer is able to ensure full compliance with the most stringent regulations on environmental impact.