First turbine shipped from Ansaldo Energia’s new facility

The first AE94.3A GT is being loaded on board the ship that will carry it to the site of the Mornaguia power plant

First turbine shipped today from Ansaldo Energia’s Genoa Cornigliano facility

Ansaldo Energia’s Genoa Cornigliano production facility was officially opened in June 2017, at a ceremony attended by representatives of the public administration and the church.
This is where final assembly is performed on large gas turbines.
With help from the Port Authority, from the government and local authorities, and from all local area operators, Ansaldo Energia now has direct access to sea transport, with a production facility provided with its own dock.  This brings operations and activities back to Genoa that until now the company had been forced to perform outside the region.
Today, a little more than a year after the official opening, the first AE94.3A model gas turbine is being loaded on board the ship that will carry it to the site of the Mornaguia thermoelectric power plant, south east of Tunis, on schedule according to the contract with the Customer.
The shipment that leaves today includes the component transported as an exceptional load under Morandi Bridge only a few days after its collapse, in an operation made possible with the support of all the competent authorities and local and national institutions.
With today’s shipment, the collaboration agreement between Ansaldo Energia and ILVA, signed last year to grant the company use of the dock, entered its operating phase.