Decommissioning and Dismantling

Decommissioning and Dismantling

Garigliano NPP

The project is related to the decommissioning of the Turbine Building of Garigliano NPP, provided with a 150 MW BWR and which was operated between 1964 and 1982. The aim of the activities is to remove all the clean and contaminated/activated components inside the building, leaving the structure standing up: both the Turbine and the Reactor Building, designed by the Architect R. Morandi, were awarded as "Italian cultural heritage" and thus will be preserved.

The project includes:

  • Review of all existing information, including extensive on-site surveys which mainly aim to identify components that shall be preserved, to verify the current situation and operability of all systems and to identify the best practices that can be applied but also possible future issues that may arise during decommissioning activities.
  • Executive design of all decommissioning phases, i.e. refurbishment, installation of provisional confinements and treatment stations, dismantling, segmentation and decontamination activities, evacuation and disposal of resulting material.
  • Refurbishment (design and procurement) of auxiliary systems and provision of new systems that are necessary for the subsequent decommissioning activities, including:
  • Ventilation system
  • EC&I system
  • Radiation Monitoring system
  • Fire Detection and Suppression system
  • Effluent Collection system
  • Handling devices (i.e. Turbine Hall cranes)
  • Civil modifications and installation on temporary confinement structure in order to facilitate dismantling activities and to avoid any spread of contamination from dirty to clean areas.
  • Design, procurement and installation of provisional confined station dedicated to segmentation, decontamination and asbestos removal.
  • Waste and material management, including packing of radioactive waste to be sent to further treatments and disposal of releasable non-radioactive material to an external facilities, in accordance with Italian laws and regulations.

Ansaldo New Clear is responsible of all design activities and widely involved into procurement of a wide range of components in the framework of the auxiliary systems refurbishment.


ISPRA: Retrieving, dismantling Packing of Gioconda, CART, COLIBRI

The project consists in the retrieval, dismantling and packing of the irradiated nuclear materials stored in:

  • ADECO Laboratory
  • AREA 40 Dry Pit D/1
  • LCSR Laboratory
  • Chateau LEMER container
  • ESSOR Decay Pond (GIOCONDA, CART and COLIBRI irradiated rigs)

ANSALDO NUCLEARE is the main contractor and is responsible for:

o    Basic, Detailed and Construction Design,

o    Support to Licensing,

o   Supply of equipment and special components (grippers, container, cutting machines, alkali metals treatment system),

o   Refurbishment of existing lifting and handling systems (hot cell bridge crane, tele-manipulators),

o    Refurbishment of auxiliary systems (lighting, CCTV, drainages),

o    Commissioning,

o    Dismantling operations,  

Clean-up and decontamination.

CAORSO NPP – Decommissioning of the TB Systems

Our activities have included feasibility studies, safety analysis, basic and detailed design, procurement of equipment and tools for the dismantling, management of all the field activities including cutting, packaging and transfer of waste materials produced in the frame of the dismantling activities.

A systematic approach based on 'reverse engineering'  and starting from On site Survey and Plant Physical Characterization has been followed  to obtain a reliable picture of the plant status before initiating the dismantling activities.

Multidisciplinary engineering work for the overall dismantling of the building has been performed.  This included preparation of the 3D CAD models, choice of applicable cutting techniques, definition of dismantling and handling sequences, safety analysis, assessment of personnel radiation exposure, evaluation of costs and timeline scheduling.

A detailed analysis of the  Spooling of equipment/system has been performed and a software Data Base for traceability recording has been prepared.  The detail design of dismantling operation accounted for sequences, waste route, cutting machines temporary confinement structures and  buffer areas.

Alternate solutions have been analysed to define the best dismantling strategy based on technical, economical and ALARA requirements. Ansaldo management of in-field activities included the coordination and supervision of decommissioning activities as follows:

·        Supervision to dismantling operation and civil work demolition

·        Supervision to physical and radiological characterization of spool pieces and wastes

·        Supervision of the activities in the Waste Management Facility (cutting, mechanical and chemical decontamination)

·        Supervision of radiological monitoring

·        Supervision of handling operation, packaging and waste storage 


ISPRA: D&WM Program Support Services for management, engineering and Operation

Engineering services to deliver design and studies project in the D&WM Programme. The project started in 2010 and Ansaldo Nucleare has already been involved in different work packages like as “Option Study for the treatment and conditioning of bituminised drums”,   “Decommissioning Plan of area 52”, “Elaboration and monitoring of licensing plan”, “Concept design of a retrieval facility for the recovery activity of the bituminised drums”, “Engineering support for the new grouting station: licensing process and engineering review”, “Generic support for decommissioning program”...