Ansaldo Energia Power Plant Rehabilitation: Future-proof your assets

A flexible range of fully-tailored solutions will enable your power plant to stand the test of time and to do it cost-effectively

Ansaldo Energia Power Plant Rehabilitation: future-proof your assets

Well aware that you need to maximize your power plant performance at the lowest possible cost, Ansaldo Energia offers programs to restore existing equipment to a like-new state and/or upgrade it to the latest technology.

With its extensive experience as EPC contractor, Ansaldo Energia tailors revamping, retrofit, replacement, repowering and add on programs to your requirements, while also minimizing plant downtime and scheduling phased projects.

Power output, energy efficiency, asset security (e.g. cyber security), environment, health and safety are just a sample of the many factors that drive the need for an organization to make changes to its infrastructure.

Ansaldo Energia's team will help you to perform a technical and economic analysis to identify the best solution that fits your needs, ensuring the operational reliability of your power plant and facility equipment, as well as optimizing asset management throughout the plant's lifespan.

Ansaldo Energia rehabilitation programs deliver, among others, the following benefits: improved plant performance, life extension, better personnel safety, increased product reliability, minimized shutdowns/outages, all with a limited investment.

Upgrades can have a significant impact on power plant assets including gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, boilers and/or heat recovery steam generators, emission control systems and balance of plant equipment.

Every project must start from an integrated assessment of critical power plant components and systems through a structured plant survey that will deliver key insights about the current status of the existing assets.

Ansaldo Energia product lines for Power Plant Rehabilitation are structured as follows.

·      Power Plant Rehabilitation: the full set of activities we can provide to make your plant fit for the future in terms of upgrade and, meaning:

for Steam Turbine based power plants:

·     Steam Turbine Retrofits

·     Geothermal Retrofits

for Gas Turbine based power plants:

·      Add on (i.e. conversion from open to combined cycle)

·      Gas Turbine Replacements


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