An Impressive Day on the Chinese Gas Turbine Market

Shangzhuang Power Plant passed the 96-hour continuous full load operation test and its AE94.2 combined cycle entered into commercial operation.

​An Impressive Day on the Chinese Gas Turbine Market

September 28, 2018 was a lucky day for Ansaldo Energia gas turbine business in China. This afternoon, Beijing Energy Shangzhuang Power Plant successfully passed the 96-hour continuous full load operation test and its AE94.2 combined cycle co-generation units officially entered into commercial operation.

This is the first Ansaldo Energia E class gas turbine in China, with another two now in the erection phase at the Zhongshan Minzhong Power Plant in south China, close to Guangzhou city. The fourth AE94.2 is now being shipped to China for Rongcheng Haoyang project.

On September 23, Ansaldo Energia experts and its Shanghai JV colleagues worked together and successfully helped Huadian Jiangmen Power Plant to put its second AE64.3A combine cycle distributed energy unit into commercial operation. The small F class GT started providing service to the Chinese customer on August 16. So far, AEN working with its strategic partner SEC has won 15 AE64.3A sets, two of them for installation in Serbia.

On July 23, SPIC Sihui Power Plant put its second AE94.3A combined cycle unit into commercial operation after completing unit 1 on June 8. In the meantime, another six AE94.3A sets are now in the erection or commissioning stage at Zhoukou Power Plant, Fengxian Power Plant and Gaoyao Power Plant in China.

As of September 28, three types of Ansaldo Energia GT product have proved themselves on the Chinese market, AE94.3A/AE94.2/AE64.3A, with an order for a new low-BTU version of the AE94.2 awarded by Benxi Steel Group of China.

On the same day, Ansaldo Energia welcomed the visits of two very important customers, China United Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Technology Company (UGTC) and Shanghai Electric Power Corp. (SEP), to the facilities of Ansaldo Energia and Shanghai Electric Joint Ventures. UGTC and SEP are both companies controlled by State Power Investment Corp. of China (SPIC). Ansaldo Energia signed a new MOU with UGTC, SEP and SEC in order to explore their technical collaboration on the Minhang Power Plant GT36-S5 unit, an investment by SEP.

The Ansaldo Energia service team will not miss an important day like this. The qualification of B&V repair on the Siemens SGT5-4000F(X) was successfully completed after very close cooperation with the Genova and Shanghai teams. It will allow Ansaldo Energia and its Shanghai JVs to execute the first HGPP inspection in November of 2018, which was a part of the LTSA contract with China Yixing Power Plant. SEC and Ansaldo Energia have already signed 6 sets of SGT5-4000F LTSA contracts in China, besides dozens of different scopes of service to many Chinese GT users of 4000F, 2000E or 9E.

On the same day, Ansaldo Gas Turbine Technology Co. Shanghai also shipped a batch of LEC III parts to PSM (wholly-owned by Ansaldo Energia Company), after having received the repair order from China Suzhou Blue Sky Power Plant for its 9E machine some days before.

Ansaldo Energia continues to build up its strong reputation in China in the gas turbine business too, after its initial successful experience providing SPIC with support to put the world's first AP1000 into operation at the Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant.

It is indeed an impressive day for Ansaldo Energia.