• Construction of the first most powerful and performing H Class gas turbine ever built in Italy and result of Italian technology is completed. 

• Produced for the Edison plant in Marghera. 

• It can simultaneously supply electricity for the needs of 500,000 households and be partly powered by hydrogen. 

• Reduces CO2 emissions by 40% and nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions by over 70% compared to the current average 
of the Italian thermoelectric fleet. 

The presentation of the first GT36 made entirely in the workshop of Ansaldo Energia, a subsidiary of the CDP Group, took place today at the Genoa plant. The GT36 is currently the most powerful machine in the Company's product portfolio and the most powerful and performing turbine ever built in Italy. 

The event, made virtual to allow the widest participation in this period of maximum attention to the containment of the Corona Virus contagion, was an opportunity to celebrate the end of the work and bring heartfelt thanks to all the workers and all other concerned parties that have believed and worked for the  success of this project. 

The GT36 turbine built for Edison will take off to power the Porto Marghera combined cycle plant, which will then be able to reach a total electrical power of 780 MW and an energy efficiency of 63%, the highest made available today by technology, with a reduction of specific CO2 emissions by 40% compared to the average of the current Italian thermoelectric park, and of nitrogen oxides (NOX) by over 70%. When fully operational, it will be the most efficient thermoelectric plant in Europe. 

The project, including the Research and Development process, unfolded over seven years, with a commitment of more than 3.7 million hours worked. Nicknamed "Monte Bianco" as the European top for power, this turbine, in the 50Hz version presented today, reaches 538 MW (ISO conditions) of power: this 
means that with its activity it is able to support the consumption of electricity of almost 500,000 households. 
In total, the turbine weighs 520 tons, as much as 400 cars. It is almost 13.5 meters long, as high as a large 
coach bus; placed vertically, it would be as high as a four-storey building. 

“We do not hide our pride in the result achieved. For this we also thank our majority shareholder, CDP, who has believed in this project ”comments Giuseppe Marino, CEO of Ansaldo Energia. "All the work for the construction of this turbine took place in a difficult period of time, due to the limitations imposed by Covid: nevertheless, in maximum safety, Ansaldo Energia staff worked tirelessly to guarantee that the Edison turbine could be delivered in due time. A truly performing machine which, thanks to its innovative technology, high efficiency combined with high operational flexibility, represents our best business card to be front players of the energy transition. A success that we hope will be a good omen for the whole  industrial system of our Country in such a difficult and challenging moment ". 

"It is with great satisfaction that we participate today in the departure of the brand new GT36 turbine from the Ansaldo Energia shipyard" declares Nicola Monti, Edison's CEO. "This is the result of a collaboration combining  the excellence of two historical realities of the national industry which work effectively for the Country’s development and sustainability. Edison has set itself and pursues concrete targets of CO2 reduction, in full harmony with the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) and with the European Green Deal. "